Sumptious Burgers @ Burger Festival, Afraa Deli

So going through my old posts I realised o don’t have any write-ups regarding burgers. Now burgers in India are much different from what one would get in other countries. First, beef is rarely used here, hence the taste of a Indian chicken burger hardly can beat that of a hamburger or cheeseburger. Can’t really do anything about that & we have to satiate ourselves with what we can get our hands upon. However it’s not like all non-beef burgers are bad, in fact we being not accustomed to beef from childhood (blame it on the religious tabboo or the non availability of good processes meat), we never really miss out much! Moreover, even international brands have modified their recipes to suit the Indian palate. Hence we are more than happy digging into those paneer & peas pattie sandwiched between halves of bread! However I’m an advocate of innovations & experimentations, & generally stay away from mass produced snacks of retail chains. Hence McD & KFCs have been a no no for quite a long time. Those atrocious things they call a burger! Poor souls!
Afraa Deli is organising a burger festival with some varied selection of burgers, & invited our group PanchPhoron to try those out. The festival is being organised at every outlet of Afraa Deli namely CC1, CC2, Ecospace & Park Circus untill September 18th, 2016.
Coming to the burgers, there are 5 on offer. Interestingly the buns have been coloured (with edible pigments), green denoting the veg (of course), orange denoting the chicken ( a welcome change from red) & white for the fish ( hmm). By the look of it every burger seemed to be loaded with cheese, mayo & veggies apart from the advertised filling. It was time to dig in & find out whether they stood up to what they looked like.
3 (1).jpgVeg Burger with Hash Brown Potatoes:
The most simplistic item on the menu, this one at 125 INR is also the most pocket friendly one. Seved with potato wedges by the side , this one hid beneath the buns a crisp patty made of mashed potatoes with select spices, along with slices of lettuce, pickled gherkin & shredded red cabbage. The grilled cheese used made it all the more tastier. However the pungency of the pickled items was a tad bit too much for me to take. Sure that imparts a tangy essence but is in excess.
2 (9).jpgVeg Burger with Mozzarella Cheese Balls:
Unlike regular burgers with a single patty , this one uses four cheese balls as the filling along with tomato slices, pickled cabbages, cucumber slices & fresh lettuce leaves. The mozzarella balls had a hard crisp outer layer, which gave away the softer core when bitten into.To say the truth it’s quite inconvenient to eat the burger as a whole & you have to deconstruct it before eating. I myself ate the cheeseballs separately. This one comes at a price of 160 INR.
6 (1).jpgChicken Burger:
Though this might seem to be a regular Chicken Burger, it is not. First the orange buns look pretty interesting. Secondlt, sure it has got minced chicken as the ingredient of the patty, but the regular coleslaw salad is replaced by the kimchi salad which imparts a unique taste to it. The thick patty itself wasn’t supersoft, rather slightly crispy, perfect for the burger to be precise. At 175 INR this one too is a great burger.
4 (5).jpgFish Burger:
In one word amazing. The regular mayo, cheese, shredded cabbage & lettuce remained same, however the regular patty has been replaced with two generous pieces of grilled fish. The fish itself is lightly coated in batter & dip fried before placing inside the white halves of the bun. The outer crisp coat wasn’t overdone, hence preserved the softer core. Luckily the pickling sauce wasn’t overpowering here & the whole combination was perfect! At 175 INR this one ties with the next item for being the best of the lot.
5 (3).jpgSausage Burger:
Another one, for which you just need to visit Afraa Deli right away. Two pieces of Entally style sausages grilled, cut up & placed inside the orange buns along with glazed mustard onions. This had some serious flavours. The sweet mayo & the pungent mustard made a great combo along with a juicy sausage. & At 175 a piece I will have this one over the chicken patty burger. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken patty one is great as well. But this one steals the show & emerges a clear Winner along with the fish burger.
Overall these burgers from Afraa Deli may not be the perfect replacement for hamburgers or cheeseburgers, but they sure have got some serious taste tricks beneath those breads. They taste as great as they look visually. Visit any of their outlets near you to grab one & dig in!
Happy Eating

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