‘NH2 on Plate’ Food festival @ The Square, Novotel

Ever been on a highway roadtrip on NH2? The same famed road that connects Kolkata with Delhi! Driving on that dark deserted highway, felt hunger overtaking your senses? Then maybe ahead in the distance, you saw a shimmering light? Is it a miracle or a mirage?
Thankfully that light belonged to some dimly-lit inn no one ever heard about! However the extremely delicious food tasted heavenly & brought tears in your eyes?*fast forward now*

Sitting in your office cubicle, (frustrated with the excel sheets & never ending presentations) wondering how to re-live that exact moment?

Well I got to relive the same moments thanks to ‘NH2 on Plate’ , a 3 day celebration of foods curated from the choicest delicacies of the cities that lie on, you guessed it right the erstwhile National Highway 2. Organised at The Square, Novotel, Rajarhat, this one of a kind food fest sure brought back some memories from the past, when I had tasted dhaba food during one of my bike trips on Delhi Road.
The Square, has made its presence felt in the city with its impressive buffet. The spread comprising of wide selection of vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes is a gastronomic journey like no other (to say nothing about the desserts). The seating area is huge, & I mean really huge. I’m sure one can accommodate a mini football field if he got rid of the furnitures. Just kidding. However the huge space means more than comfortable seating, you can enjoy your meal in complete solitude. However, coming to the festival, it was questionable whether they can reproduce the same with dhaba style dishes in a premium fine dining environment!
As far as the whole buffet spread is concerned, it was divided into various segments. I’ll try to present a short description along with the taste of the food (those I tried).

A) The Maggi Chai Counter:

This was surprising for a buffet, but then again we all have doused the hunger with that one plate of instant noodles when nothing else was available. A whole section dedicated to Maggi was pretty incredible. The counter was live, & you could personalise the dish to your own liking.
B) The Tandoori Counter:
What good is highway style food without some great kebabs. NH2 on plate addressed the issue with a live tandoor counter where paneer & chicken kebabs were being freshly prepared & served to the table. The variety was commendable , you could order pretty much order any Kebab available at a dhaba. I tried the usual Chicken Tandoori which was good.

C) The Bread & Soup Counter:

The regular counter for the soup aficionados. However the sweet corn soup had been replaced by ‘bhuttey ka shorba’ to give you the desi touch.I’m not much into soups, more so when an exciting buffet awaits me! The selection of fresh baked breads is again commendable. May be next time would try them out.

D) The Main Spread:

Even before coming to the food let me tell you how it was decorated. The food was kept on hot plates around a large table. The centre of the table was however occupied by a mini road ramp, complete with toy cars & decorative mileposts. Nailed the decoration part. Coming to the food it was divided into two sections. One side of the highway had the veg items lined up, the other side hosted the non veg ones.

a) The Veg Spread:

The veg spread consisted of the following dishes:
Litti, Chokha, Tamatar Chutney, Baingan Bharta
Aloo Bhujia
Dal Butter Fry
Paneer Bhurjee
Gobi Marar
Bhindi Do Piyaza
Lasooni Palak
Subz Tehri

b) The Non Veg Spread:

Keema Gurda Kaleeji
Butter Chicken
Macher Kalia
Anda Daal Tadka
Durbari Jhinga
Chicken Bharta
Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani

c) Drinks:

Lassi / Chhaas / Nimboo Pani
I tried a little portion of most, if not all the items from the main course. The shrimp curry & mutton liver keema item were pretty good. The chicken bharta was prepared with much less oil than you would expect. The Kolkata style mutton biryani though promising wasn’t that good. Surprisingly the veg items were even tastier than their non veg counterparts. Special mention must be made for the awesome taste of Gobi mattar & aloo bhujia. Although household dishes, their taste were extraordinary. The lasooni Palak & dal butter fry too caught my attention & could be enjoyed with some Indian flat breads.
Got to be one of the finest selection of desserts I’ve seen in a buffet. Items ranged from rosogolla to black forest gateaux, from 2-in-1 sandesh to citrus chocolate crema. Apart from regular ice creams,mousses & pastries even bread butter pudding & fresh fruits were included here. I particularly liked the gateaux & pudding, other items were good as well.
All in all the festival was a different one. For me it has some nostalgia intertwined with it. The selection of items were apt, taste of the food great. Add to that the ambience & hospitable staffs of The Square, Novotel Kolkata. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening & will look forward to visiting them again.
Till then happy eating
P.s. They had a tie up with Harley Davidson & two of their beasts were on display in the lobby. Clicked some cool pic with those. Added bonus. Happy clicking!

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  1. Love the idea of a whole counter dedicated to Maggi 😊!


    1. Deep says:

      Yeah… & People surrounded it like anything 🙂

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    1. Deep says:

      thanks a ton 🙂


  2. That’s a terrific looking buffet.


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