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Surely Chai Break doesn’t need an elaborate introduction. Started in 2011 this particular chain has garnered some serious attention. Originally started by two friends to break the monotony of CCDs & Batista, which didn’t serve tea anyway, Chai Break has since evolved. In fact the sector V outlet is more famous for its lunch buffet compared to tea & snacks. I had been to their new alipore outlet once & found it quite roomy & perfect for a laid back sheesha smoking, chai sipping adda session.
Recently Chai Break has opened up their newest outlet near Kankurgachi, where they organised a bloggers meet with the help of Thinkquisitive. Me along with few members of our group PanchPhoron attended the same & got to taste some amazing food & drinks. To find the outlet walk from Kankurgachi crossing towards Pantaloons, it’s on the first floor of the same building that houses the Bandhan Bank. As far as the size is concerned, it’s obviously much smaller than the sector V one, however the place has been carefully designed for maximum utilisation. The staircase opens up into a small section which is hokaah free, so you can enjoy your meal sans the sheesha smoke if you choose to. A small section towards the left beyond this part seats about fourteen for a more private seating. The main seating area is towards right which seats lot more. The interiors have been done in bright colours & lots of wood finishes, the ambient lighting is ample for dining, unlike other hookah shacks. Surely this outlet is meant for some good dining experience rather than only a snacks cafe/lounge. We ordered some hookah which were good, & had a chat with Aishwarya from Thinkquisitive & Mr. Saroj of Chai Break. We got to know about how Chai Break evolved from a veg only joint into what it’s today. Mr. Saroj also introduced to us the breakfast concept at Chai break which is quite interesting, simply because no cafe/lounge opens at that time in the morning! Finally it was time for the food.


DSC_1261Kesar Chai:
When the name’s chai break, you better start with some piping hot tea.  The saffron infused tea was average for me though, blame it on my affinity towards long leaf brew without added sugar or milk.
Tulsi Adrak Chai:
This one too isn’t my cup of tea, more so because the tulsi flavouring seems too unwanted to my tastebuds.
DSC_1222Lemon Iced Tea: 
After some hot tea we moved on to regular iced tea with extra dose of lemony goodness. Chilled, refreshing & fairly good.
DSC_1300Cran Cooler:
Lemon juice & cranberry juice mixed with crushed ice & flavoured with elaichi & ginger. Surprisingly the ginger & elaichi flavour felt great, a bit ironic that ginger is used as a remedy to soar throat, & here it was a chilled drink.
DSC_1290Sweet Heart Shake:
Strawberry syrup blended with vanilla ice cream & topped with crushed oreo biscuits. A creamy concoction, & no scope to go wrong with such great ingredients.
DSC_1240Kit Kat Shake:
Ice cream blended with some chocolate syrup & garnished with pieces of KitKat. A sweet item undoubtedly, & impossible to be content with just one.


DSC_1232Caesar Salad:
Iceberg lettuce & garlic croutons tossed along with parmesan cheese & pockled capers  in mayonnaise dressing. The crunch & flavours were great & it was a nice start before the upcoming items.


DSC_1227Sweet Corn Ball:
They say first impression is the last impression. Surely Chai Break grounded me with this dish. American corn rolled into balls along with ginger, garlic & green pepper, dusted in tempura flour, deep fried & finally tossed in Japanese chili mayo sauce. The corn balls were amazing in taste, not to mention the softness & the sauce.
DSC_1256Mushroom Duplex:
Mushrooms & cheese are two of my major weaknesses. Obviously crumb fried mushrooms with stuffed cheese, jalapenos & paprika would bowl me over. The outor crunchy coat & inner soft core were really well matched.


DSC_1250Spaghetti Aglio Olio:
Spaghetti noodles tossed in extra virgin olive oil along with select herbs, sliced garlic & capers. Inspite of being named ‘spaghetti in olive oil’ the noodles were surprisingly less oily which I liked very much. The sprinkled parmesan on top was spot-on & it was great to start the main course.
DSC_1244Italian Papad:
Don’t be startled. Lizzat doesn’t have a competition yet! These are freshly baked hand rolled flat bread with Itlaina herbs & cheese. more like very thin crust pizza without excessive cheese/toppongs. Crunchy & tasty can be had as a snack while sipping some hoy beverage. Definitely not a main course item.
DSC_1287Veg Peri Peri Pizza:
Medium crust spicy pizza with exotic veggies, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and chilli garlic sauce as the topping/sauce. To say the truth it was okayish, more so because I don’t like veg pizzas that much.
DSC_1271Penne Alfredo:
Pasta cooked along with exotic veggies in white creamy cheese alfredo sauce. This was quite good in taste.
DSC_1266Penne Mixed Sauce:
Pasta served in a mix of red and white sauce with exotic vegetables, tad bit spicier, as it should be, enjoyable to the last morsel.
DSC_1279Pesto Risotto:
Italian Arborio rice prepared in creamy Pesto sauce. This one was the least enjoyed item of the evening. The pesto sauce needs acquired taste, which I am yet to develop.
DSC_1307From the Breakfast Menu (Cheese Mushroom Omelette):
Cheese & fresh mushrooms egg omelet served along with 2 slices of crisply toasted bread slices and some fries. Who doesn’t love some cheese & mushroom omlette, paired with some toasts with generously spread butter, this one’s got to be the perfect breakfast to start your day with!


DSC_1310Brownie with Ice Cream:
Walnut brownie topped with vanilla ice cream & drizzled with generous amount of chocolate syrup. A regular yet extremely popular dessert, the inclusion of walnuts took the taste few notches higher. It was a delight to have.
Overall the whole session was thoroughly enjoyable. Specially when the food’s good, you tend to enjoy the chitchat even more. It’s pretty commendable how this outlet is being able to deliver some extremely delicious food & upholds the name of the brand as a whole. The idea of breakfast special menu is a welcome change from regular menu. Also great is the restaurant timing in the morning. I loved most of the food I had till the last bite. Hopefully other foodies will enjoy the same. I’ve found the new place to chill out when I’m in the vicinity, which I’ll be doing shortly.
Till then happy eating
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  1. ickarus1976 says:

    Do we really eat pasta and parmesan cheese? Why is it not that good old Chai with pakora or matthi is never served at fancy restaurants?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deep says:

      Umm. Yeah that’s a good question… But there’s others restaurants which do serve desi style food.


      1. ickarus1976 says:

        I am not talking but Desi food but the Desi spirit which we seem to have lost.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Deep says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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