Launch of Tea Trove, South City Mall

With this Tea Trove opens up its eighth outlet in the city, & south city Spencer’s gets it newest feather in the cap.
Tea trove is a name that has become synonymous with great brews. One of the pioneering site for purchase of tea online directly from the cultivators, tea trove is also known for its fine selection of Darjeeling & Assam teas. Not only site, their brick & mortar store too offers a great variety of good teas. The tea trove offers an unique trovian experience to its customers.
Personally I find the Spencer’s food court better in comparison to the mall food court (partly due to the fact that you can sit hete without being disturbed by the security even if you are not eating anything. & Partly due to the fact that the narrow corridor nature gives it a marketplace feel). With the tea trove opening up it would be an added bonus.
This outlet doesn’t only sell hot brew teas & the tea infused ice lollies. They also stock the two items they have introduced recently.

Cold brewed iced tea:

As the name suggests this is a quite different from normal iced teas. Normally tea leaves are brewed for a short period in hot water, then chilled. In case of cold brewed ones, the leaved are however, left in regular temperature water overnight. This prolonged seeping brings out the more delicate flavours & aromas. Hence the tea is much more smooth & doesn’t have the regular level of bitterness that the hot brewed teas have. Tea trove has introduced the following flavours: Moroccan Mint Basil Mint, Fruit gateau & Lavender Bliss, served in recyclable takeaway glass bottles. The tastes are pretty subtle & unique. Specially the gateaux was a welcome change with its fruity tone from regular iced teas. The lavender was more traditional with its floral blend. Refreshing & tasty, the drinks are highly enjoyable.

Healthy Snacks:

Tea Trove has also introduced a range of healthy snacks to go with the teas. Ranging from handmade cookies to coated raisins, these are great to munch along with tea. Not only as a side to the brewed concoction, these snacks can also help to satiate the sudden midnight cravings , when other foods aren’t a great option. From Matthi (baked whole wheat) to crackers (almond & sesame seeds or seeds & raisins), or chilli almonds (flavoured with rosemary herbs) to cookies (fig & chocolate), or even the lightly sugar coated walnuts all the snacks tasted great & come with a promise of being healthier overall!
It was a great experience attending the launch, not to mention tasting the great snacks & iced teas. Will drop in next time I am in South City Mall to try out their specialty hot brewed teas.
Till then happy eating

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