An invite from Chicago Pizza, Camac Street

Even just a decade back, here in Kolkata, pizza was an item that was only being sold at Dominos & pizza hut. Sure there was Other outlets & some fancy restaurants serving the same, but they were mostly out of the league for many of us. & then there was those poor pieces of bread with some hard amul cheese on top being sold at Monginis & Sugarr & Spice (let’s not even talk about them). Only couple of years back various joints started selling pizzas. Now we even have pizzas made in wood fired ovens! Also we got introduced to thin crust pizza, & choice of toppings & sauces. Among the names that have garnered good amount of fame in serving quality pizza is ‘Chicago Pizza’. With their innovative ‘slice’ servings, this chain has got some serious attention. Recently our group PanchPhoron was invited over to taste some of their offerings at their Camac Street store.
The place is easy to locate, in the lane bang opposite to Fort Knox. The shop is tiny, since it’s mostly a takeaway & delivery shop. There’s a side table where 5-6 people can sit & dine but home delivery is a far better option since they cover a pretty big area. However you can enjoy oven fresh slices if you do come down here.
Coming to the pizza we ordered an 18 inch pizza with the slices having various of their popular toppings:
Margarita Plain Cheese:
Thin crust pizza bread with generously used cheese, without any toppings. The amazingly soft pizza was a great start even though it lacked any veggies or meat.
Chicken Tikka, Onion, Capsicum:
In place of large chunks of poultry, the chicken tikka was diced into very small pieces & scattered all over the slice. The juicy onion & capsicum added to the taste, not to mention the chicken which could be found in every bite.
Chicken Tikka, BBQ, Chicken Ham, Onion:
Overload of chicken toppings, surely I’ll order this one blindfolded when I visit any of their outlet. The toppings themselves were flavourful, though overall it tasted much like the previous one.
Paneer Onion Capsicum:
Well, if you are vegetarian, you are stuck with this one, though that’s not a bad thing. Since, overall this too was quite good, the Paneer pieces being soft & flavourful, & the quantity being ample.
Ham slice:
As the name clearly suggests, slices of juicy ham (chicken) was scattered all over the thin bread. It was great in taste, in fact I would rate it third among all the slices I had.
Chicken Sausage:
Sliced sausage was placed on the pizza. Once again the numbers were ample. This one would come second in the best slice category, the first being Tikka, BBQ, Ham.
DSC_9891Garlic bread:
After we finished off the pizza, we also tried their garlic breads. The breads were crisply toasted & had been generously coated with cheese & minced garlic.
Lemon fizz:
This is one fizzy drink they have on offer. Tangy, sweet & fizzy, though I’d rather have a coke with my pizza.
Though I haven’t been to their other outlets, this one’s pizzas were pretty great. The thin crust bread was very soft unlike others who make the periphery too dry. Liked most of the toppings ( who doesn’t love some chicken in cheese on some bread!?). Specially the chicken sausage variant was great. The slice concept is great too since you can order a no. of slices with different toppings, without being stuck with a big pizza with the same toppings. Am looking forward to ordering some pizzas next time I’m in the locality.
Till then happy eating
Find this outlet here on Chicago Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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