Invitation to Drunken Monkey, O2, VIP

Drunken Monkey, the resto-pub of O2 hotel, VIP Road, Kaikhali, was recently launched among much fanfare. The launch party boasted of Stand Up comedian Abish Mathews & Tolly star Rituparna adorning it. Located in the basement of the hotel, this one replaces the Spin360° nightclub & promises of some serious monkey business. The pub has an unmistakable playful vibe. The table games (most of which can be used as drinking games), the Private room with the PlayStation, all add to the liveliness. Also present is a music touch with peppy music, a karaoke stage & the stairs having name of popular music bands. The whole place is done in a pinewood tone, with cushioned high chairs along one wall & round tables with scattered around the floor ( some tables are actually refurbished wood barrels, somewhat giving the place a tavern feel).

The place can accommodate a total of around 80 people, which makes it a cozy pub. Coming to the food & drinks we tried a lot of items, most of which I really enjoyed. Won’t be possible to give elaborate descriptions, so keeping it short.


Sherry temple/bloody ossan/olive in ossan/apple jack/lovers delight/Guava on the rocks/the sky

Most of the mocktails are fruit juice based barring a few which were syrup & soda based. This sure makes them a healthy option. In fact we are used to treating mocktails as alcohol substitute for people who don’t/aren’t in the mood to booze. However the juice mixes were tasty & healthy, perfect for the times when you are in for a light snacks. As for the syrup/soda based ones, they are quite pretty to make a statement when you are enjoying the pub ambience.
I particularly liked the guava on the rocks & apple jack. The taste & quantity were really good..


Caribbean Beach Party/Drunken Monkey Blumb/Summer of 69/Mexican Espresso/Tequila-tini/Late Night Princess/Blue Ocean/Mandarin Shermouths/Test Tube Shots/Drunken Monkey Shooters/Kamikaze shots/B52/T52

When the name of the pub is Drunken Monkey, you can be sure of the fact, that there’s going to be boozing.
Loads. Of. It. Period!
Drunken Monkey boasts of a full sized & well stocked bars, with talented bartenders who know the mixes well. So apart from regular liquors & common cocktail mixes, you get to choose from a variety of in house mixes. The shots & shooters need no introduction, they were perfectly prepared & gave the much needed kick after the sweet mocktails. The martini prepared with tequila was a welcome change. The Mexican Espresso served in a coffee rimmed martini glass had ample amount of coffee liquor & tasted unique.


Though we were served loads of drinks, it was the food that I was looking forward to as a reviewer. We tried many a things ranging from salads to starters & even main course (hard to come by in a bar… But this one’s a resto-pub)

United states:
Regular French fries tossed along with green chillies, pepper & onions in some cheese. A welcome change from regular fries, though nothing drastically different. Served along with mayo & ketchup these fries were hot, spicy & munchy ( to go along with your drink when on a tight budget).
Cigar Roll with Tomato salsa:
Spinach & cheese rolled in wanton sheets, then deep fried. These crispy cigars were really great to have. Specially the juicy cheese & spinach combo worked wonders when dipped in the in house salsa. Worth having.
Mix Beans Salad:
Assorted soaked & boiled beans mixed with some shredded coriander & lemon juice. Makes for an interesting & healthy snacks option.
Mushroom Cocktail:
Diced button mushtooms tossed in a low spice sauce, served in a cocktail glass on a bed of lettuce. The quantity is quite low, so don’t expect this to quench your hunger. The taste was quite good.
Jamaican Chicken Wings:
These were quite good. The sticky Jamaican style sauce is rum based which gives it the perfect balance of spices & sweetness. Though that doesn’t give you a high, it does make it a recommended dish.
Fish & fries with tartar dip:
Juicy fillets of fish crumb fried & served along with dip. The fish was fresh & the crumbs really crisp. Liked it to the last piece.
Veg Stroganoff:
Julienned vegetables cooked in creamy cheese sauce & served with a portion of herb rice. The sauce imparted a sweetness to the veggies.
Lortolana all Veg Pizza:
Not the thinnest of the crust, also the outer rim was quite thick & dry. Topped with jalapeno, black olive, onion, bell pepper,babycorn, sundried tomato and cheese. The taste was surprisingly good for a pub.
Penny Vodka:
Penne pasta tossed with vodka & pink tomato cream sauce. This one was mildly spicy, though not hot. A bit sweet & sour , yet definitely enjoyable.
Fussilli Pollo Fungi:
Fussili (the screw shaped one) pasta tossed with chicken & exotic creamy mushroom sauce. Since I’m a fan of white sauce, liked this one more.
Overall we had a gala time monkeying around this one. Really liked the whole setup , specially the table games. Was keen to start playing the roulette, but it would have been a bad idea to get sloshed in the middle of the day. But next time will surely try that. The drinks were pretty good , specially the cocktail mixes. The fruit juice based mocktails were nice too. As for the food, the variety is pretty commendable, and didn’t find any flaws as such. Hopefully these will be appreciated by the patrons along with the drinks. Looking forward to my next visit.
Untill then happy eating
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