Fajita Fiesta @ Chili’s, South City Mall

dsc_3233If you are from Kolkata, chances are you have already heard about Chili’s, the American Grill & Bar which serves some mouth-watering Tex-Mex style cuisine. However the American subsidiary somehow gives it a costly tag, & many (including me) have shied away thinking the price will be sky-high. So in-spite of hearing rave reviews about their burgers & fajitas, I couldn’t quite make up my mind & visit the chain. However recently I got a call from the management, & they invited me over to try out their special items from Fajita festival. This was sort of eureka moment for me & I readily agreed to pay them a visit.
First thing first, I knew it’s in South City Mall, however to say the truth I didn’t have a clear idea. Generally when I visit SCM, I go straight to the 3rd level (2nd level is pretty much non-existent for me). Even after knowing chili’s is in 2nd level I couldn’t locate it in one go (in fact I wrongly started walking towards the parking as there was an advertisement over the door). Also SCM sometimes seems like a maze to me, shops lurking in the corner, hiding behind one another. So to locate chili’s you need to take the escalator to the 2nd level, walk straight towards left until you see it on your left.
& If you aren’t in the mood to come down to the mall just call them up (033 4001 2639) & place your order. Chili’s have started doing deliveries in a 5 km radius from the mall.
Coming to the menu, I was pleasantly surprised. Although most of the of the items are very competitively priced, what really astounded me was their promotional offer of Rs 249/- for a two course meal. A starter & main course of your choice for as low as Rs 249/-. The items & the quantity remain same as the regular menu counterpart. I don’t think you can have anymore excuse for not paying them a visit now! (Even the alcohols are priced fairly competitively compared to other outlets in the building, though I didn’t have them this time. Some other time maybe)
Much about the confusing location, pocket friendly prices & available home delivery, now it’s about the festival.
Fajita is a common term from Tex-Mex (American-Mexican) cuisines. Commonly used for grilled meats served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla bread. Now, Chili’s is already highly famous for fajitas. More so because, the fajita comes to your table as a platter of ingredients alongside the flame grilled meat of your choice (which again are served in a sizzler style cast iron skillet, sizzling & juicy). You yourself decide how much of which ingredient you want to put in your taco. This gives a personalized touch to the fajita & scope to experiment with the condiments (sour cream, jalapeños, grated cheese etc). Chili’s South City Mall is organizing a Fajita festival until the end of November with some truly mouth-watering selection. There are a total of 6 fajitas to choose from the menu. Also there is a festival special cocktail & a dessert. We tried 5 of the fajitas & the dessert.
dsc_3184Crispy Cauliflower:
To say the truth this was nothing like a fajita. This was more like a  starter. Diced cauliflower coated in thin batter & deep-fried to a crisp texture. The crunchy batter along with the juicy inner make for an interesting combo. The dish was drizzled with some cottage cheese which provided a welcome variation. Served with two dips the item made for an interesting start to the meal.
dsc_3215Roasted Pepper Chicken Fajitas:
This was an amazing sizzler. Two juicy chicken breasts sliced up & served on a smoking hot iron skillet. Cooked in an amazing cheesy red pepper sauce with fresh cilantro & roasted jalapeño the chicken tasted heavenly along with the cooked onion rings.
dsc_3192Sea Food Fajita:
This one was yet another amazing dish. A thick slice of basa & some juicy shrimps with cooked onion rings & cherry tomatoes tossed in Pico de gallon & tangy chili sauce. The juicy fish was really soft, while the shrimps were smoky, flavorful. The roasted jalapeño was the cherry on top. Immensely enjoyed wrapping up the whole thing into a taco.
dsc_3232Queso Fundido Fajitas ( Chicken / tenderloin beef):
This one was something I was eagerly waiting for. We ordered the tenderloin (since heard so much about it). Now if you are used to the ‘thing’ called ‘beef steak’ from olypub, this will come as a surprise. Trust me, the price might be way more than what oly charges you, but this is what actual steak looks/ tastes like. The meat was juicy (with the core being highly succulent), soft ( nearly comparable to goat/lamb, though a bit fibrous since it’s buffalo). All sliced up in pieces topped up with some cheesy sauce . I can’t tell in words how flavorful this one was. Visit chili’s & have this, just go! & if you are not a fan of beef, do order the chicken variant.
Sizzling Veggie Fajita:
Assortment of sliced & diced exotic veggies on a sizzling hot iron skillet. You may find it more of a salad. Mushrooms, Zucchini, bell peppers, onions etc all juicy & bursting with flavors lightly grilled with mild spices. To say the truth, this was a bit let down after so many meat dishes. I would not recommend it, however order if you are a fan of grilled veggies.
dsc_3304Festival Special Dessert:
Crunchy Chocolate Puff:
A warm crisp hand-crafted chocolate served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with some chocolate syrup drizzled on top. The flaky puff hides beneath itself a portion of warm gooey mashed brownie. A welcome change from regular brownie, the sugar dusted puff will leave you craving for more!
Festival Special Cocktail:
Tequila White Sangria.Tequila and white wine shaken with triple sec and fresh lime juice, topped with Sprite. We didn’t have it, however the ingredients seem promising & hopefully will taste as good.
All in all the whole experience was a memorable one. The Fajita Fiesta sure offers some of the best Tex-Mex taco style wrap available. While the regular menu bowls you over with its variety & taste. Chili’s sure did impress me with its food , décor & hospitality. I’ve been a fool (yes I have to accept that) not visiting them in the past. The future is going to be different though. If not for the beef steak, pork rib or blackened salmon, I’m going back for the Rs 249/- combo ( when I’m tight on budget). Also I’ve heard that they make some amazing cocktail mixes. Need to try them out very soon.
Until then happy eating



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  1. That’s pretty good info about the place. Thanks for sharing :))

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    1. Deep says:

      My pleasure. Glad that I could be of help

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