An invitation to Chili’s, Acropolis Mall, Kasba

PAL_7397.jpgSecond stop Chili’s, Acropolis Mall.
As I’ve already said, in spite of hearing rave reviews about the brand, I couldn’t quite make up my mind to pay a visit (mostly due to my false fear that the food would be too costly). Dont get me wrong the pocket pinch surely is on the higher side, yet they have this amazing combo offers which are fairly value for money. Recently the management invited me over to try out their fajita festival. Though I’ve been to Acropolis Mall before, & managed to attend a food tasting marathon from nearly all the outlets of the food court & Barcelos, Chili’s would be a new experience. & new it was.
Now Chili’s being a prominent American diner, has a common theme at all of their places. The same old red leather & wood finish, more or less identical bar counter with a Chivas 12 years sitting there. However the Acropolis Mall outlet has something different to offer. First thing are the glass bulbs dominating the ceiling. It may look simple from below but opens up a new world when change of perspective takes place. Apart from the regular seating arrangement (which is good), this outlet has two more sections. One is the open to air balcony overlooking the busy intersection below (which I’d prefer on an afternoon, or may be a winter noon). The third section is easy to miss. It’s on the upper level. A staircase leads to the mezzanine floor which has a dedicated bar & extra comfy couches. This part is like an indoor balcony & overlooks the regular dining area. The glass bulbs I was talking about lights up this place surreal (as is evident from the pics). The place can accommodate about 18-20 people, & is perfect for a private hangout. I was seriously mesmerized by the place. Didn’t know that Acropolis Mall has got such a great place inside.
Coming to the fajita fest, just like their other counterparts, Chili’s Kasba has prepared a selection of Tex Mex specialties along with a dessert & a cocktail for the fajita lovers. Have the grilled meat all by itself or roll it into a taco with the condiments of your choice. The selection ranges from simple chicken, shrimp or mixed ones which contain shrimp & fish or chicken & beef. Vegetarians need not worry since there’s a grilled salad & a crispy cauliflower starter to satiate your hunger ( surely they can’t beat the meat, but something is better than nothing… right?). Coming to the food we had loads & loads of it. So much, I’m not sure whether I remember which one I loved the most. In fact I liked all what I tried. I’d try to put it briefly if possible.
dsc_3184Crispy Cauliflower:
Diced cauliflower coated in thin batter & deep-fried to a crisp texture. The crunchy batter along with the juicy inner make for an interesting combo. The dish was drizzled with some cottage cheese which provided a welcome variation.
pal_7410Roasted Pepper Chicken Fajita:
Two juicy chicken breasts sliced up & served on a smoking hot iron skillet. Cooked in an amazing cheesy red pepper sauce with fresh cilantro & roasted jalapeño the chicken tasted heavenly along with the cooked onion rings.
pal_7415Roasted Shrimp Fajita:
Juicy big sized grilled shrimps placed on a bed of cooked onion rings along with cherry tomatoes. The dish also included some cooked & mashed chicken sausage, pineapple Pico de gallo & tangy lime sauce. Topped with the signature jalapeño , this one easily became my favorite. I mean you can’t surely resist a shrimp sizzler? Can you? I didn’t even need the tortilla breads to have this. One after another I worked through the shrimps merrily.
DSC_3192.jpgSea Food Fajita:
This one’s much like the previous one. the only thing you get extra is a thick slice of basa along with about half the no. of juicy shrimps with cooked onion rings & cherry tomatoes tossed in Pico de gallo & tangy chili sauce. The juicy fish was really soft, while the shrimps were smoky, flavorful. This one I wrapped into a taco & munched away.
PAL_7441.jpgQueso Fundido Fajita ( Chicken / tenderloin beef):
You want a chicken fajita. You can have that. You want a beef one, have that. Can’t decide which one you want to have? Order the combo. This is like best of both worlds. In place of two chicken breasts, you get one chicken breast along with one beef steak all sliced up conveniently. However we opted for the chicken variant as some of us didn’t want to have the beef. The breasts were placed on a bed of onion rings, and coated in garlic queso fondido, tangy chili sauce & topped with the roasted jalapeño. Soft & juicy liked this one too.
pal_7423Sizzling Veggie Fajita:
Assortment of sliced & diced exotic veggies on a sizzling hot iron skillet. You may find it more of a salad. Mushrooms, Zucchini, bell peppers, onions etc all juicy & bursting with flavors lightly grilled with mild spices. To say the truth, this was a bit let down after so many meat dishes. I would not recommend it, however order if you are a fan of grilled veggies.
dsc_3309Crunchy Chocolate Puff:
A warm crisp hand-crafted chocolate served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with some chocolate syrup drizzled on top. The flaky puff hides beneath itself a portion of warm gooey mashed brownie. A welcome change from regular brownie, the sugar dusted puff will leave you craving for more!
That was all for the festival menu. Next, we ordered some more from the regular menu.
pal_7432Pulled Pork Fajita:
If you’re a pork lover, you just have to try this one. Pulled meat cooked with bell peppers, chopped onions, chipotle garlic butter & cilantro & topped with six juicy shrimps. The meat being pulled, it was easier to roll into a taco not to mention the extremely flavorful taste. In my opinion this one has to be the best fajita in their regular menu if I don’t consider the seafood fajita from the special menu.
pal_7496Texas Trio:
Sometimes it so happens, you want to try many dishes at one go, but the quantity of three individual dishes seem to much to digest, & you settle for a single one. Worry no more. Chili’s has got your back with this dish which has probably the best of everything. Smoked salmon drizzled with honey chipotle sauce, pork ribs in classic BBQ sauce (served over a bed of mashed potato) & Chicken breasts in BBQ sauce ( served over a bed of corn salsa). Add to that the fact that each item is topped with a pair of shrimps.I don’t think anything can get better than this. Nor does it require any description taste wise. Just go, & try this one!
pal_7477Grilled Tenderloin:
This one’s a much talked about dish. Kolkata seriously doesn’t have good steakhouses who serve decent beef. Chili’s is one of the few who do, & has gained immense popularity for it. It would have been a crime not to try this one. A handsome quantity of meat grilled to perfection was served along with some fries, rice & garlic bread. The meat felt amazingly juicy & soft. Done in a medium rare fashion, the pinkish inner was tasty & juicy. The dollop of butter on the top made it all the more irresistible.
PAL_7502.jpgTortilla Crusted Chicken:
Basically the chicken breast was covered in a corn tortilla & deep fried then served along with sauteed onion, bell peppers & cilantro aioli. The piece was served on a bed of rice & a portion of cooked corn, mushroom, beans & tomatoes. To top it off there were some crispy fried corns on the top. The chicken is somewhat reminiscent of crispy fried chicken, however the corn tortillas have a distinctive texture. The whole dish is quite a filling one.
PAL_7507.jpgAncho Chili Fish:
Thick fillet of salmon ancho-rubbed drizzled with citrus chili sauce placed on a bed of rice along with some cooked shrimps. The salmon being a winter one is sweet, juicy & immensely enjoyable. Just  like the previous dish, this one too came with a side of corn, beans & mushrooms.
We also did order a Southern Smokehouse Burger & a Grilled Chicken Burger. But I was full from all the amazing dishes I had, & couldn’t really taste those. As per my friends the burgers are enjoyable to the fullest.
Overall it was a great gastronomic extravaganza. The extraordinary fajitas & steaks made my day. Specially loved the fish & shrimp ones (blame it on my love for seafood). Finally got my hands on their much talked about grilled Tenderloin & seriously fell in love. If you’re a fan of Tex-Mex style of food, don’t miss this opportunity & give them a visit. I’m sure you are going to love each & every of their dishes. I’d go back specially for the pulled pork & seafood fajita.
Untill then happy eating.

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