A Royal Dinner @ Reflexion, The Majestic Suites, Rajarhat

There’s no dirth of eateries in the city of joy. All in all there are more than seven thousand listings on zomato itself. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Not even taking in account the uncountable stalls & roadside shops that served excellent food, there are also hundreds of restaurants who haven’t enlisted themselves. Recent times have seen a new trend blooming. The three star & mid-sized business class hotels are opening the doors of their in-house restaurants to the common people. Recently was invited to one such eatery.
The hotel I’m talking about is Majestic Suites, Rajarhat. I being a full on southerner, Rajarhat is a location pretty out of the earth to me. All I keep hearing is the unavailability of transport & good marketplaces. However on checking the restaurant’s page found plenty rave reviews & was highly excited for the visit. Coming to the location, from the akansha rotary take the Rajarhat main road (take the left if you are coming from CC2), take a right where the road ends, continue few hundred meters, cross Putting Apartments & Majestic Suites will be on your right. The restaurant is on the ground floor. It’s very well designed, spacious & lively with bright colours & ample ambient light. The restaurant even got two private dining areas complete with comfy couches, should you want to host a small meet up. We were personally welcomed by the owners & the manager who are very jovial. A huge spread awaited us, I was doubtful about how much I would be able to try.

Mocktails :

The restaurant hasn’t a bar license yet, hence serves non alcoholic drinks for now. However they are awaiting the license, & hopefully by the pujas can start the full bar.
dsc_2782Watermelon Celery Cooler:
Fresh watermelon juice mixed with some celery juice. The drink was sweet, chilled & highly refreshing.
dsc_2813Nutty Fruity:
My favourite drink of the evening. A superb blend of pineapple & orange juice with some grenadine syrup to bring in a variation. Tangy & sweet, no way one could refuse a second glass.
dsc_2849Crushed Cucumber:
Another refreshing drink with cucumber juice & some rock salt & masala, topped with soda.
dsc_2858Curried Apple:
This one was less apple-ey & more sweet, however tasted great with the apple slices & muddled lime leaves.

Starters :

There were a no. of starters on the spread, although each of them looked highly appetizing, I limited myself to only a few.
dsc_2797Veg Gold Coin:
Small circular breads along with mashed veggies dipped in thick batter, generously coated with white sesame seeds & deep-fried to crispness. The toasted sesame seeds added an extra texture & taste to the coins & it was a great start to the meal. Accompanying dip was tomato puree based & had a sweet & sour touch.
dsc_2764Majestic Chicken Kebab:
One of their signature starters, these are a variation to Reshmi Kebab. The chicken is made juicier & loads of malai spread on top of each pieces to make it extra tasty. Small pieces of silver foil are used as a decoration, which might not add to the taste, but surely enhances the appearance. As far the taste goes it’s incredibly soft & juicy, a bit on the sweeter side yet highly enjoyable.
dsc_2834Sarson Chicken Kebab:
Another common chicken delicacy from the northern part of the country, this one has distinctly dominating essence & flavour of mustard paste. The pungency is subtle, yet highly enjoyable.
DSC_2803.jpgFried Pomfret:
This, is bringing water in my mouth. A whole generously sized pomfret, scored, coated in light marinade & deep-fried. Served with some fresh veggies by the side, this one is surely going to woo any diner who visits. The spices were subtle & some lime juice sprinkled on the fish made it taste heavenly. Sure this one’s recommended.
dsc_2790Cantonese Fried Prawn:
The fish could have been the clear winner in the starter category, if not for the next item. Large sized prawns skinned & dipped in an egg based batter deep-fried & served with salad dressings. The batter was fluffy & crunchy, the prawn inside juicy & flavourful. My love for prawns played a big role in my soft corner to this dish. I actually had three of the large prawns.


After the amazing starters, we moved on to the soups. We should have had the soups first, but the starters were too good to wait for!
DSC_2889.jpgSpicy Thai Tomato Soup:
A thick tomato soup with chopped onion & Thai spices.
DSC_2886.jpgOcean Delight:
A clear veggie soup with thin julienned carrot, cabbage, mushroom, garlic along with sprouted beans & sliced mushrooms. I’m not a very big fan of soups. But I prefer clear non spicy soups over spicy ones any day, hence this one was my choice.

Main course

Next we moved on to the main course. A serious royal affair with so many items. As the preparations came coming to the table one after another, confusion arose, so as to which item to try, which to skip for the next.
dsc_2876Dal majestic:
A thick preparation of black lentils with ample amount of ghee & equal amount of malai to make it all the more majestic.
DSC_2902.jpgKumbh Badam Masala:
A spicy yet sweet north Indian delicacy cooked with button mushrooms in an almond & fresh coconut milk based gravy. Great to have with kulchas or garlic naan.
DSC_2892.jpgShyam Savera Kofta:
Pieces of paneer coated in mashed spinach & then placed in a tomato based sweet gravy. The amazingly soft koftas seem to float in the gravy which is sweet in taste, slightly grainy in texture. Another great side dish to have with Indian breads.
dsc_2882Pindi Channa:
This one again a North Indian delicacy, where boiled kaabli channa or chole is cooked in onion tomato & chili masala. The dish is predominantly dry though immensely flavourful with the fragrance of North India all over it.
DSC_2866.jpgVegetable Pulao:
Aromatic cooked basmati rice tossed along with green peas, tomatoes, julienned carrots & sliced beans. The rice itself is a mixed in with parts of it being coloured by infused saffron. It wasn’t oily, & was a delight to have even all by itself!
DSC_2826.jpgMurg Musallam:
If the prawn reigned the starters, this one sure was the star of the main course. A full chicken cooked in a sweetened gravy of simple spices. I was expecting a spicier dish, but the well cooked chicken pieces were as great as it could be. The presentation could be a bit better, yet the fried onions & malai sprinkled on top was no less attractive.
DSC_2905.jpgMurgh Methi Malai:
Chicken cooked in a reach creamy gravy with added fenugreek seeds for a unique taste. Cooked along with ample amount of garlic & onion, the soft chicken had imbibed the flavours well & was worth a second serving.
DSC_2879.jpgGosht Korma Kada Masala:
This one was the only mutton side dish. Juicy chunks of mutton cooked in a bell pepper & tomato gravy with added ground nut & almond milk to make all the more flavourful. The gravy was tangy & went well with the pulao.
DSC_2862.jpgMutton Biryani:
To say the truth, didn’t have much expectations from this one. I mean this is Kolkata, & generally no multi cuisine restaurant can compete with the likes of Royal, India or for that matter even Aliya as far as biryani is considered. However I was quite surprised with this one. The biryani was fairly light, low on oil & tasted excellent. It may not trump the biryani legends but surely out runs the likes of Aminia & Arsalan! The mutton was well cooked (& I mean very well cooked) & lightly spicy. If you stay nearby, do try it out.


Even after trying so many items, it was time for desserts. & how much full you might be, you don’t say no to desserts, specially when they are as good as these.
dsc_2844Tutti Fruity:
The well-known ice cream sundae with some diced & some candied fruit. However some more variety of fruits & colour would surely bring out a better dish.
Creamy rice pudding flavoured with elaichi & saffron, garnished with some sliced almonds. The texture could have been a bit smoother, apart from that the whole thing was excellent. I generally love to have a firni after a hearty meal of biryani, this one was good enough to be ordered when I visit them next time.
dsc_2913Cream Caramel:
Caramel cream pudding, with generous amount of caramel syrup on top (and all over the plate). This one was fantastic. Well, hardly anybody goes wrong with puddings. But after such a sumptious & filling meal, this soft & creamy dessert tasted all the more better. I for one , nearly licked the plate clean!
Thus ended a truely majestic meal at the Majestic Suites. The dishes were as pleasing to the eye, as they were satisfactory to the tastebuds. It was surprising, that we would find such tasty dishes at a place like that. It would be too much to ask for if I want you to visit this restaurant on a regular day. But if you are nearby you can surely give it a try. Specially during the occasion of Drugs Puja, when most of the well-known places are filled to the brim, you can give this off-beat location a visit & be amazed yourself how could you miss this one! As far as I’m concerned, I’ll visit this one than the well known ones at nearby Chinar Park. Not only for the good food, but also for the great hospitality & service they provide. Looking forward to my next visit.
Until then happy eating,

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  1. Sayanti aka Shine says:

    Ritimoto rajokio😃! Photos are excellent.

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    1. Deep says:

      Thank you. Hope you find it the same.

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