China Town comes to Park Street

Now don’t be baffled. No one is going to lift Topsia ( Kolkata’s very own Chinese Colony) & place it somewhere on Mother Teresa Sarani, like Superman. I agree that could be a great superhero plot movie, but that’s something totally out of my hand. Let’s not stray away from food to movies.
Even after visiting lots & lots of restaurants & having various types of cocktails & beers, my perpetual search for cheap bars continue. Let’s not deny, much we like to sip on pricey cocktails, when it comes to getting wasted, we always head for the cheap booze joints. My constant search has left me with the best option ‘Chota Bristol’ or Shaw Brothers, Esplanade as the cheapest watering hole of the city, where beers are available at a staggeringly low price of MRP+20-40 Rs.Ajanta Bar , Behala comes a close second ( they’ve got some great pocket friendly snacks too ). There’s another one near Nagerbazar ( I have my doubts whether they even have a proper license or not). But all these places cater mostly to male patrons. If you’re a girl, or are accompanied by one, the only decent place you’re left with is ‘ The Eye Within Club Southern Avenue ‘ (Then again they have terrible price as far as the food is considered, & a club membership is required to visit them). So, when you think about pocket friendly boozing at a place with decent ambience & good food with some ladies in the group, the only place to go is China Town. The liquor is available by bottles, the food is delicious, be it at Golden Joy or at Beijing. The problem is with the location. The locality is too shabby (even being a guy you’ll probably feel insecure walking in those by-lanes around midnight!). The location is inconvenient (you have to rely on personal commuting vehicles or get a cab). Considering all these shortcomings, you settle on having the booze at Olypub instead.
But all that is going to change. For good.
Aaira, the casual dining restaurant of The Myx is already popular for its delicious North Indian & Mughlai dishes. I for one, have heard a lot about their fish Biryani. But this post is not for their biryanis. I’ll review their food in some other post.
Aaira has decided to introduce ‘by the bottle’s prices in their bar. Finally! Somebody in Park Street decided to do, what should have been done long time back. You might be thinking, may be it’s only for premium liquors? Wrong.Even Old Monk & Blenders Pride are available. Now what about the price? MRP + establishment charge ( Rs 500 flat ) + Applicable taxes ( 21% flat ). Seems a bit of too much mathematics? Let me simplify that for you.

A bottle of Black Dog (regular) at an F.L. Off store costs Rs 1750/-

Add to that the establishment charge Rs 500.
The price comes to Rs 2250/- , which is the menu price at Aaira.
Now add 21% tax to the menu price i.e. Rs 472.50/- brings the final bill to Rs 2722.50 .
This is essentially for a 750 ml full bottle (lovingly called file/khamba :D), which has exactly 12.5 60ml (large) pegs.
The per peg (large) price comes to Rs 217.80 /- (all inclusive).
Calculating the same for regular (30 ml) peg, the price comes down to Rs 109/- (all inclusive).

Give me another place in park street who’ll provide Black Dog at this price!

I also calculated the per peg price (tax inclusive) of some other popular brands:
Brand.                       60ml.                 30ml.
Antiquity Blue.      Rs 155.                Rs 78.
Blender Pride.        Rs 142.               Rs 71.
Bacardi.                    Rs 138.               Rs 69.
Smirnoff.                 Rs 136.               Rs 68.
Old Monk.                Rs 82.                Rs 41.
Blue Riband.            Rs 82.                Rs 41.
For those who prefer beer over liquor, bucket of 6 Foster (330ml) comes at a price of Rs 605 (all inclusive). Beat that!
Too good to be true? No worries, it’s real. The only thing is you have to take the full liquor bottle. But we are talking about boozing here right? And when friends are there to accompany, a bottle or two is hardly anything.
& Of course Aaira, The Myx serves some incredibly good food, be it starters or main course. So this puja, you can safely give Topsia a miss, coz China Town has arrived at Park Street! & not only pujas, a lot of us (admit it) gulp down a peg or two or three ( I know it’s four for me) at Olypub/Mags before hitting Someplace Else. I’ve just given you a way cheaper alternative!
So much about the liquor price, what about the food price? Well, Dineout has got you covered. Get upto 20% discount + upto 20% cashback to wallet when you reserve your table at  Aaira ( Dineout Page ) & pay the bill through the Dineout app.
So bookmark Aaira now, give them a visit. Do remember to share your feedback about the food.
Until then happy eating,

Find Aaira on Aaira Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I now know where I will be going with my school friends next! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deep says:

      Yes, a lot of people are going to head over to this place 😂. Ambience & food was great already. Now this! I’d suggest an early reservation though… Coz it’s going to be crowded 😛


  2. Souparna says:

    Great analysis…Now treat me 2 pegs of Black dog..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deep says:

      Chol ekdin 😛


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