Pujo Special Bengali Buffet @ Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern

There can be heritage buildings, star rated luxury hotels, there can be celebrated fine dining restaurants, there can be master chefs. But few can beat The Great Eastern, Kolkata when it comes to all things above combined. Opened to the public in 1840 The Great Eastern is the oldest surviving hotel of Kolkata ( the first ever hotel John Spence’s doesn’t exist anymore). Even before the hotel was opened, David Wilson (after whom the present pub is named), ran a bakery in the same premises. The Hotel, to this day is widely known & celebrated for it bakery products. Coming to the hotel, it was (with its initial hundred rooms & departmental store) & still is (with 195 rooms & further major expansions) a grand affair. It is said even during its early days you could ” walk in at one end, buy a complete outfit, a wedding present, or seeds for the garden, have an excellent meal, a burra peg and if the barmaid was agreeable, walk out at the other end engaged to be married”. What a nice description! Termed as ‘Jewel/Savoy of the East’ the hotel has played host to many famous personalities like Rudyard Kipling, Nikolai Bulganin, Queen Elizabeth II & even Mark Twain. The property went through some rough patches & subsequent decline during turbulent political condition of the state. It was taken over by the state government in 1970s & finally closed & sold off to The LaLiT Group in 2005. It went through major renovations (further works are underway, & being designated a heritage property the renovations are supposed to retain the essential features & facade of the building) & was partially opened with a soft launch in 2013 rebranded as The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel.
( pic courtesy: http://www.thelalit.com )
Much about the hotel, let’s focus on the food they offer (this is a food blog right!). The Lalit Great Eastern presently offers five restaurants to dine in ; The Bakery, Wilson’s Pub, Tea Lounge, Alfresco & The Legacy Grill. The second phase of opening in late 2016 is expected to open the doors of few more facilities; Baluchi – Pan Indian Restaurant, 24/7 – Multi Cuisine All Day Diner, Maxim’s Bar & Restaurant and Kitty Su – The Night Club.
Recently I was invited to the launch of Puja Special menu at Alfresco, the all day multi cuisine diner. Located at the ground level of the hotel behind the reception this is one fine dining restaurants I’d absolutely look forward to visiting again & I’m not even talking about the food. The restaurant overlooks the carefully maintained lilypool which is magnificent to look at as you enjoy your meal. Add to that the charm of the glass tiled ceiling which lets in the natural light during the day & night. The whole place is bathed in white, the woven cane tables & couches with white leather seats et all. The buffet & live counters are done in black granite giving it a stark reflection. The ambience is sober & nothing loud & feels like a place to have your quiet lunch. For the Surface Puja Celebrations, the restaurant has been decorated with some traditional ghot (painted earthen pots) & chandmalas (traditional Puja decorations) but nothing over the top.
dsc_4522The Alfresco traditionally serves ‘Four Pillars of Bengal’ i.e. the regular buffet spread at this all day diner consists of dishes curated from four of the most popular cuisines in Bengal; Bengali, Anglo-Indian, Tantra Chinese & Nawabi.
This  Puja Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata will be serving a truely Bengali Buffet from 7th till 10th October. The chefs have come up with this huge menu apart from their regular Four Pillars of Bengal buffet to satiate the thirst for authentic bengali foods among the foodies of & visitors to the city.
The impressive buffet proudly boasts of dishes ranging from Kolkata Style Haka noodles, Chili Chicken to Murshidabadi Murgh Biryani & Park Street style Kaathi Rolls, not to mention the stars of this special spread, the traditional bengali delicacies like Shukto , Shapla Chingri, Chanar Dalna , Mug Daler Khichuri , Alu Potol er Rezala , Parse Mach with Kacha Aam , Bhetki Macher Pathuri.
Not only main course, the curated offering of selected truely bengali desserts like Misti Doi, Rabri, Rosogolla, Malai Chomchom as well as some fusion ones like Paan & Gulkand Mousse, Narkel Narur Milefuielle is sure to bowl you over.
Also praiseworthy is the collection of breads, which the bakery has been widely famous for. Paired with the offered soups I personally found them heavenly.
This should be your go to place during the pujas if you are looking for an exclusive dining experience in an Luxurious ( & of course heritage) setting!
When: 7th Oct’16 to 10th Oct’16.
Pocket Pinch : INR 1999 per person for Lunch.
(Midnight Buffet is available at discounted price of INR 999 per person)
Sneak peek of some items that will be available at the buffet:



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