A pizzalicious evening at Eagle Boys Pizza

Pizza doesn’t need any introduction, but Eagle Boys sure does one to the common Kolkatan. An internationally popular Australian fast food chain, Eagle Boys specialises in American-Italian cuisines namely Pizza, Pasta & Desserts. Located off EM Byepass near Fortis Hospital, the Kolkata outlet is one of the latest in their India franchises after Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Coimbatore. Inspite of its off beat location, the outlet has been getting some good amount of attention, partly due to the international chain tag , & partly because of the quality. Just like other big names in the pizza industry EBP too makes thick crust pizzas ( sorry thin crust lovers. However the pizza bread is amazingly soft unlike other brands ( who sometimes overdo the crust to a cookie level!). Hence I was quite elated when the management invited our group to try out some of their popular items.
The place is neither huge nor tiny, good enough for a pizza parlour which can accommodate around 25-30 people. There’s no gimmicky wood oven adverts, it’s a simple well lit place with regular seating. We tried a variety of items, short descriptions of which are given below.
dsc_3877Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread:
Round slices of crisp bread topped with generous amount of cheese & minced peeper & garlic. The bread were quite a bit toasted & the crispness was appreciated.
dsc_3881Peri Peri Chicken Scroll:
Good amount of cheese, red paprika & chicken along with peri peri sauce packed into a scroll, both ends sealed, baked & then cut into bite sized segments. The scroll was again seasoned with salt & pepper which gave it a spicy touch. Though not very fiery, the taste was very much enjoyable.
dsc_3916Chicken Penne Pasta In White Sauce:
The pasta was cooked well with red & green bell pepper & diced chicken. The taste was good, however the amount of white sauce was a bit low, making the whole thing a bit drier than one would usually expect.
dsc_3906Chicken Penne Pasta In Red Sauce:
The Penne in this one was somehow undercooked, felt much more dry & chewier than the white sauce variant. Didn’t like it as much, can blame it on my preference of white sauce over red one.
dsc_3888Peri Peri Paneer Pizza:
Next to arrive was this veg pizza ( which to me sometimes seems a perfect irony just like Gobi Manchurian). However the peri peri spices, red paprika, generous amount of chopped onions & bell peppers made it quite enjoyable.
Aussie’s Favourite Veg Pizza:
Now this is something unique. Cause even in your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t think someone would top a pizza with dice pineapples, would you? Apart from the juicy pineapples this one also had American corn, bell peppers, garlic & onions along with loads & loads of cheese. The taste was unique with a sweet-ish note. If you are visiting EBP, do give this one a try. ( Somehow this one was so good, couldn’t manage to click a decent pic befote gobbling it up. This pic is courtesy  Exploring Cuisines )
dsc_3891Chicken Keema Pizza:
Moving over to non veg fare, this thick crusted pizza was loaded with chicken keema, American corn, jalapeños, onions & sliced bell peppers. The topping was spicy & flavourful, crust soft & immensely enjoyable.
dsc_3902Garlic Prawn Pizza:
I wouldn’t call it a prawn pizza, since it was grilled shrimps that were used for the toppings along with other regular veggies. The grilled shrimps did impart a unique taste, but I have had better tasting seafood pizzas at other pizzerias of the city.
dsc_3934Triple Chocolate Sweetza:
EBP’s signature dessert, this one resembles a pizza with its sweet toppings & cut portions. In reality it’s more like a oversized cookie with dark & white chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Drizzled with chocolate sauce & finally dusted with icing sugar, this one surely is ‘triple’ delicious. The base itself is a harder compared to EBP’s other pizza offerings ( I’d like it to be softer). But overall it’s quite enjoyable, & if you’re in a group (of 4-6) can surely try this out.
Overall, Eagle Boys did serve as some good tasting items. The penne & scroll too were quite likeable. The pizzas are quite good. I’m not saying EBP’s thick crusts are going to taste better than thin crust pizzas available at the Italian restaurants, but all I can say is its definitely worth a try. Do give them a visit, if you’re bored of the generic Pizza brands.
Until then happy eating,
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