Dine with a twist @ Hawa Hawaii

‘Mogambo khush hua’ would be too clich├ęd a line to describe my experience


Nana Swad e Sharodiya @ Sand, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Hotel De Sovrani

Tired of trying out the same old Bengali-only puja special menu? Want to try something new? Then Sand, the in house restaurant of Hotel De Sovrani should be your destination this festive week. Embark on a pan Indian gastronomical journey with traditional dishes curated from Goan, Maharashtrian, Kashmiri, South Indian cuisines which will be available…

A pizzalicious evening at Eagle Boys Pizza

The place is neither huge nor tiny, good enough for a pizza parlour which can accommodate around 25-30 people. There’s no gimmicky wood oven adverts, it’s a simple well lit place with regular seating.

Momos & more @ Momo I Am, Chinar Park

There’s a saying “we are what we eat”. I’m not sure whether I’d like to be identified as a momo or not, yet those dumplings are sure to make it to the list of my favourite foods. Now a predominantly Tibetan delicacy, momos have been a staple food for the people in the northern hilly…

A Royal Dinner @ Reflexion, The Majestic Suites, Rajarhat

There’s no dirth of eateries in the city of joy. All in all there are more than seven thousand listings on zomato itself. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Not even taking in account the uncountable stalls & roadside shops that served excellent food, there are also hundreds of restaurants who haven’t enlisted themselves….

Fajita Fiesta @Chili’s, Quest Mall

Our fajita journey ended at the place where it all originated. Chili’s opened its first chain in Kolkata with this outlet a couple of years back. Located in the Quest Mall ( a place which I believe makes most money from the food I believe than selling clothes & stuff), this one is probably the…

A Veg Meal @ Fork & Knife, Park Circus

If one thing that is common in people of Bengal about food, it’s got to be our love for non veg. Even a recent survey confirmed the stats where this region actually surpassed the average non veg consumption of northern India. So it’s not very hard to wonder why it’s so difficult to find a…

Delicacies from the ’70s, 1870s only @ Thakroon, Gariahat

A lot of restaurants these days have taken up the strategy of digging up the past & going back to the roots for the choice of their selling points. Bengali cuisine fine dining is hardly anything new, but the recent trend tries to revive dishes from the bygone eras.However most of the Bengali themed food…